Welcome to the Lion's Den

A place for men to learn and apply Truth that creates courage to lead, fulfillment and direction.

What is The Lion's Den?

The Lion's Den is our exclusive community for men who are seeking Truth and Accountability. 

Benefits of being a member of the Community

  • Mobile App
  • Community Forums
  • Private Chats between Members
  • Weekly Lion Lunch
  • Weekly Bible Study
  • Monthly LIVE Ask Me Anything events with guests from the podcast
  • Self-paced video courses
  • 25% off anything in store
  • Education, personal growth and accountability
  • Daily LIVE Devotionals

Why Should I Join?

The world around us is chaotic and full of lies from the enemy. When the trials of life come, you need to band together with brothers who have similar experiences to strengthen one another.

I want you to know that I've walked in your shoes. By going through those trials, I found confidence and purpose with a life in Christ. This is a community where we come alongside you and build your confidence to be the leader you greatly desire. I never want you to feel lost and defeated again.

By partnering with The Lion Within Us you can rest assured that you’ll have the tools, resources and most important the community walking beside you to ensure growth. You are the hero of your story and by partnering with the Lion Within Us we guarantee you will find the confidence to be the leader God intends you to be.

Why a Subscription?

God laid it on my heart to start this mission. I'm dedicating my time and energy to serving you all and doing everything in my ability to build you tools and resources you need to win. Through a subscription model, it affords you the access to the benefits of the community, it's members, and those resources while moving the mission forward.